Thursday, July 17, 2014

ECWA HAll of Fame 2014

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Match 1: Dirty Money vs Drollox vs Oz Tyler
Winner: Jermaine DirtyMoney Robinson
Match 2: Little Mikey who is now known as Michael Spanos vs Breaker Morant
Winner: Breaker Morant
Match 3: Kid USA vs ECWA Developmental Talent Brandon
Winner: Brandon
The Boss' s Chair was next. Team CK issued an open challenge for the tag team titles. Out came Ricky Martinez. He ended his "relationship" with Renee Michelle.
Match 4: Bolo Yung vs Matt Saigon
Winner: Matt Saigon
After the match, Bolo Yung was fired!
Match 5: Mark Harro vs Chris Wylde vs Kao Storm
Winner: Chris Wylde
Match 6: Referee Phil Sly, legal counsel, and Chuck Payne vs Mr. Ooh La La, Jim Shorts, and Kid USA
Winners: Referee Phil Sly, legal counsel, and Chuck Payne
After this match, Damian Dragon and Matt Saigon came out and attacked Referee Phil Sly (after his partners left)
Match 7: Renee Michelle vs Jessie Kaye in a loser leaves ECWA match.
There was no winner for this match.
Match 8: Papadon and Ricky Martinez vs Team CK.
Winners: Papadon and Ricky Martinez
This was not for the tag titles.
Next was Damian Dragon being inducted into the ECWA Hall of Fame.
Match 9: Bobby Shields vs Napalm Bomb with Joel Blackheart
Winner: Bobby Shields

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